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Cognizant Latest AMCAT Verbal Ability Questions | AMCAT Questions for AMCAT exam preparation

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While browsing AMCAT DETAILS went through some AMCAT questions. So, here they are with the new compilation of latest Verbal Ability questions on AMCAT. These questions are very important in terms of AMCAT preparation. Go through these questions and prepare well.

All the best to all AMCAT takers.

Question: The concert __________ at 7.30 and ________ at 10 O clock.

(a) Start / Finish

(b) Started / Finished

(c) None of the above

(d) Starting / Finishing

(e) Will Start / Will finish

Answer: (b)

Question: Find out the correction required in the following sentence:

The small child does whatever his father was done.
(a) has done

(b) did

(c) does 

(d)had done

(e) No correction required

Answer: (c)

Question: I………..been regularly exercising for quite a few days now.

(a) had

(b) has

(c) will have 

(d) have

Answer: (d)

Question: "i need to call _____ ",seema demanded.

(a) as

(b) out


(d) None of these

Answer: (c)

Question:  Sincere people remain loyal.......their friends in all circumstances.

(a) against 

(b) in

(c) by

(d) with

(e) to

Answer: (e)

Question:  ………negligence of the transport company, lot of our goods were damaged in transit.

(a) since the 

(b) due to

(c) despite of

(d) reason being

Answer: (b)

Question: The tiring trip to hills of Shivpuri........... the entire group exhausted

(a) left

(b) leave

(c) went

(d) spent

(e) consumed

Answer: (a)


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