Thursday, August 18, 2016

AMCAT Synonyms/ Antonyms Questions | AMCAT Verbal Ability

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Earlier, in this blog, we shared some important synonyms and antonyms questions. You can go through or search this with blog with term synonyms/ antonyms and you will get all the posts related to synonyms and antonyms.

This is another post in the series. Go through them, we are sure that you will definitely get benefited with them.

Word Synonyms Antonyms
Remonstrate Disagreed Agreed
Preamble Introduction epilogue
Credulity Simpleness Skepticism
Tentative Cautious Confident
Endorse Support Oppose
Magnanimous Generous Degenerate
Gruesome Awful Pleasant
Buoyant hopeful sad
Petty Narrow / Biased Unbiased
Peevish Irritable cordial
Arid dry wet
Conceited Egoistic Egoless
Humorous Funny Unfunny
Requisites Necessary Unnecessary

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