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AMCAT Verbal Ability Important Questions Part 2 | AMCAT Preparation | AMCAT Details

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Another compilation of important questions for Verbal Ability Section in AMCAT exam. I hope it will be helpful for the AMCAT takers.

Q. The crops are drying, (it must not had) rained.

a.) must had not
b.)must not be
c.)must not have
d.)must not have been
e.)No correction required

Answer: c)

Q. Find grammatical error:
(A) jahu beach in mumbai was filled with (B) immunerable people. who had gathered there (C) to see the discovered newly ancient temple.


Answer: c)

Q. Correct the error
Because of his ill health, the doctor has advised him (not to refrain) from smoking. 
a.) to not refrain from
b.)to resort to
c.)to refrain from
d.)to be refrained from
e.)No correction required.

Answer: c)


Q. Usually the room tariff in this hotel is higher. At present,it is low because of the------- season.


Answer: b)

Q. Choose correct one:
I always wanted a basket ball and ------- I-pad in my collection.


Answer: c)


Q. Limited resolution of early microscopes was one of the reasons of _________ understanding of cells.
1. aided
2. discredited
3. increased
4. contradicted
5. restricted

Answer: 5)

Q. Fill in the blanks
I learnt from my experience that by-------- my anger and resentment, and by avoiding _________ I could overcome opponents more successfully than could those who openly defied their adversaries.
1. expressing, hostility
2. suppressing, conflict
3. stifling, temperance
4. disguising, deceit
5. rousing, wrath

Answer: 2)


Q. For the post of a manager of a leading call centre -Arkade Inc. - situated in Ludhiana, the following are the criteria the candidate must satisfy:- 
The candidate should have a Management Degree. - The candidate should have at least 4 years of similar experience at-another call center. - The candidate should be more than 30 years of age as on the 1st of July 2003. - The candidate should have 6 months of international exposure, i.e. should have been posted in a foreign country. If a candidate does not satisfy the 1st condition but has more than 2 years of international experience, then the VP operations, will interview him. If a candidate does not satisfy the 4th condition, then the HR manager will interview him. 

Q1) Shakuntala was selected for a managerial position in an international call center after she passed out from AIM Management Institute. After working for 3 years in the call center, she took a sabbatical. She is 29 years of age as on the date of application. She will be: 
A) Interviewed only by the HR 
B) Interviewed only by the VP 
C) Rejected 
D) Data insufficient 

Q2) Rajiv has been working as a Manager in Zephyr Inc. for 4 years now. He is an Engineering graduate from a premier engineering institute. His certificate lists his date of birth as 17/12/1974. He has worked in the hotel industry at the executive level. He is: 
A) Give an aptitude test 
B) Interviewed by the VP 
C) Data insufficient 
D) Not considered

Q3) Soma has 2 years of experience in Welsh Inc. and 2 years of experience in Franc Inc., both leading call centers, as a manager. She has a management degree from a premier management organization. She turned 30 this December (2002). She is a B.Com Graduate from St. Xavier's, Calcutta. If she applies for the post, she will:
A) Be interviewed directly by the VP Operations 
B) Not be considered 
C) Be interviewed by the HR 
D) Have to give an aptitude test 

Q4) Salina has over 4 years of experience in Care Touch, a leading call center, as a manager. She completed her MBA from Ranchi and worked in Singapore for UNO for 2 years before joining Care Touch. She will be: 
A) Recruited 
B) Rejected 
C) Interviewed by dIe VP Operations 
D) Data insufficient

1) Rejected c
2) not consider d
3) be interviewed by HR c
4) Data insufficient d


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