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AMCAT Verbal Ability Important Questions Part 1 | AMCAT Preparation | AMCAT Details

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Following are the important questions regarding preparations of AMCAT. This post covers important questions for verbal ability section in AMCAT exam. 

Go through them and get benefited. 

(1) Find the error
(A) Shalini win the race(b)as she practised too(c)hard for the tournament
ans- A

(2)(a) It hence proven that the(b)distinction between two view points(c)is often blurred
ans- A

(3)(a)India is a vast country(b)that offers immeasurable experiences(c)to all visitors
ans- none

(4)(a)There is a lots(b)of milk left in the jar(c)for the rest of us(d)no error
ans- a

(5)I did not go to school in a week after an accident.
ans C

(6)(a)Harish likes to play cricket(b)and riding bicyle besides (c)playing videogames
ans- B

(7)(a) All the guest on the(b)boat got frightened(c)when they heard the alarm
ans- A

(8)(a) It have been(b)ages since i (c)played the guitar (d)no error
ans- A

(9) Farmfare was the latest arge (b)on social networking sites these days and (c)has a big fan following(d)no error
ans- A

(10) At the end of the close fight,Paes emerged______in the Davis cup finals.
ans- B

(11) The boss was unsure as to what triggered the argument between Shyam and Shankar.
ans- D

(12) The petrol price has been rising for the past 5 is highly ____that it will decrease in the near future.

(13) His dream of holding an exhibition______into reality when he shifted to delhi.
(a)was being turning
(b)had turned
(c)is turning
(d)will turn
Ans: B

(14) (a)The phrase 'Be the change you want(b)to see in the world' was (c)said through Mahatma Gandhi(d)no error
ans- C

(15) The quality and texture of jeans produced in california would be very good.
(a)produced in california are very good
(b)produced into california is very good
(c)produced in california is very good
(d)no improvment needed
ans- c

(16) (a)Green home cleaning can be a tiny(b)and impertive step in(c)balancing and preserving our nature(d)no error
ans- B

(17) (a)A salesman of that(b)company tried to(c)cheated a naive lady(d)
no error
ans- C

(18) There are many textile producing mils in the market that compete with each_____to gain the largest share of the market
ans- B

(19) Juhu beach in mumbai was filled with(b)innumerable person who had gathered there(c) to see the discovered newly ancient temple.(d)no error
ans- C

(20) Kashmir is famous for its art of "Paper Mache “that earns it a fair amount of revenue.
(a)That earns it a fair value revenue
(b)that earn it fair amount of revenue
(c)that earn it the fair amount of revenue
(d)no improvement needed

(21) All the faculty members except the HOD ______to the new curriculum proposed by prof Hasan.
(A) Agreed
(b) agrees
(c)has agreed
(d)was agreed
ans- A
(22) Opposite of Indiscrete
ans- prudent


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