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How to prepare for AMCAT Exam | AMCAT Preparation

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AMCAT is an employability assessment test by Aspiring minds.  It is an adaptive test, meaning that the next question will solely depend upon how you perform in the current question. Questions in AMCAT is Multiple Choice  Type Questions. If you fail to attempt minimum numbers of questions your marks will fall into negative(-1) score in those sections. So, try to attempt all the questions in time.

AMCAT consists of 5 modules out of which 3 are compulsory which includes English section, Reasoning section and Quantitative section, the other two are optional and can be opted from a bunch of engineering modules according to our branch. Each module consists of 900 Marks each. If you get around 800 marks out of 900 marks it will fetch you 100% in AMCAT, be sure that you answer minimum number of questions else you will get -1

  • For quantitative section, RS Aggarwal is enough, be sure that you completely solve both the solved questions and unsolved, they will help a lot in AMCAT.
  • For logical section go through for data sufficiency, statements and arguments, strong weak statements and other type questions, there are abundant questions given there and good practice
  • For verbal section. take a glance of subject verb agreement, sentence completion etc before a day of AMCAT exam.
  • For optional module, you can check the AMCAT website. For AMCAT computer programming and computer fundamental section you can refer to this blog also.

Most Important Thing:
  • Go through Previous year question thoroughly. You can practice a lot of questions for AMCAT in this very blog: here

Check List for AMCAT Preparation

  1. Research everything about the AMCAT exam using AMCAT official or this blog.
  2. Learn and understand about marks policy.
  3. Make your mind on the number of subjects you wish to appear.
  4. Understand the essential topics under quantitative section.
  5. Follow this blog for best preparation.
  6. If you want to follow a book make sure you follow R.S.Agarwal (solved and unsolved both).
  7. If website follow indiabix.
  8. Go through each and every questions in this blog. I am sure it will help you a lot.
  9. Revise well the day before AMCAT exam.
  10. Get good sleep. Believe me it is very important.
  11. On the exam day just Stay calm and Score Well.
If you think there is more is more in this post comment it and complete it. :)

I hope it will help you. If you have any query or suggestions just comment. 



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