Thursday, August 25, 2016

AMCAT Quant Questions 2 | Quantitative Ability Questions and Answers

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AMCAT DETAILS comes again with another compilation of important questions for Quantitative section in AMCAT exam. Therefore, go through, prepare and practice well so that you can get an outstanding score in AMCAT EXAM.


Question: When 21 Women and 12 men can finish the work in 42 days.How many men should accompany 42 women to that the work will be completed in ten and half days???

Option (a) 40
Option (b) 45
Option (c) 50
Option (d) 60
Option (e) 15

Answer: (e)

Question: Anna sells one house for Rs 75 lakhs, making profits of 25%. He sells another house at a loss of 20%, and on the whole he makes neither profit nor loss. What is the cost of the second house?

Option (a) 50 lakhs
Option (b) 60 lakhs
Option (c) 75 lakhs
Option (d) 90 lakhs

Answer: (c)

Question: In an election between two candidate 10% of votes were invalid winner got 70% of valid votes and was elected by a majority of 900 votes. find the total number of votes?

Option (a): 2500
Option (b): 1800
Option (c): 2250
Option (d): 2300
Option (e): None of these

Answer: (a)

Detailed Solution: Let total number of votes be x => The number of valid votes is: x*90%A/Q,Winning candidate is getting 70 % of valid votes  then he is getting : x*90%*70% votesand the other candidate is getting 30 % of valid votes : x*90%*30% votes
we know that the difference between winner and loser is 900 votes 
=>(x*90%*70%) - (x*90%*30%)=900

Therefore the answer is a.

Question: Arvind gets Rs.33 when a sum of money was distributed among Arvind, Bivas and Chameli in the ratio 3:2:5 What will be the sum of money?

Option (a) 120
Option (b) 110
Option (c) 220
Option (d) 210

Answer: (b)

Detailed Explanation: 

Let Amount distributed among Arvind, Bivas and Chameli be 3x, 2x and 5x
=> 3x=33;=> x=11;Therefore ,

The total Amount = 3x + 2x + 5x= 10x =110 (since x=11)

Hence the answer is b.


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